The world’s a twisted labyrinth, choked with secrets, tangled in wires, and scarred by holy wars and myriad perspectives.
One soul can’t possibly grasp or conquer it all at once.

But we gave it a shot. Just a taste.

There’s a peculiar allure in the universal Jack-of-all-trades.
That's our edge in this twisted world.

Yeah, we dabble in a little bit of everything.

But make no mistake, it’s a little bit of everything.
A man in a trenchcoat and a fedora with a red sky and full moon behind him.


Stan, also known as the Chief stands there, a handsome man in a black suit, white shirt, and red tie, looking straight at you.
The lore and history of the Fireplace of Despair had slipped away into the shadows of time, like smoke from a half-forgotten cigarette. The Fireplace of Despair had always been here, lurking in the corners, barely noticed by most.

But behind it all, there is one man, a constant presence from the beginning to the very end.

A seasoned individual with a mind as sharp as his tailored suits, he'd seen it all. Nothing escaped his notice. At the head of the Fireplace of Despair stands a figure cloaked in mystery, known as Shevtsov Stan. Or simply, the Chief. A ghost from a distant land, his past shrouded in layers of intrigue and rumor. To some, he is a myth, a legend whispered among the people.

Yet beneath the cloak of enigma, there is a man with a soft smile, a soul steeped in shadows, and too many skills for one person alone. The Chief's true motives remain hidden in the murk, his loyalty a secret he keeps close to the chest. To those who seek his help, he makes no promises but always delivers results.


Fully completed and available for public access.
The code and the logo
The current iteration of this website. Quick, straightforward and simple.
A shield to protect you from acroamatic situations.
Acroamatic Security: Notes
A brief and enigmatic visual novel exploring an event that may or may not have occurred.
The sun is rising behind the planet.
Routing in the three-dimensional space
Light novel. The memoir of the commodore of the mid-sized space vehicle.
A silhouette of a man giving a breaking news report.
A tabletop game for from 2 to 6+ players. The main goal is to prepare for an inevitable catastrophic events in a dynamic and chaotic world.
A hunter with a warm smile looking at the viewer.
Yharnam: Seems Legit
A short parody comic about Bloodborne videogame.
A scary creature with lots of eyes.
Acroamatic Security: Pocket Reference
A collection of short, bizarre, and esoteric stories that never happened. Keep it in mind.

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